Ballard Locks Engagement // Alicia & Taliesyn

My afternoon with Alicia and Taliesyn started at the Ballard Farmers Market, just north of Seattle itself. I've never been before and so while waiting for A&T to arrive (because Seattle traffic) I wandered around and took in all the sights, sounds and smells that it had to offer. I will definitely be going back to sample ALL THE FOOD. 

Once A&T arrived we headed over to the Sunset Tavern which is where Alicia proposed. Alas we arrived too early and so we could only do some shots outside but I love that they wanted to incorporate it into their day. 

Before heading over to the Ballard Locks we stopped by a flower stall and they had the vendor make them a beautiful bouquet of flowers which we then used in some of the photos. Clearly I have lived a very sheltered life because I had never seen someone construct a bouquet before but it was fascinating to watch them work!

Ballard Locks is one of those quintessential Seattle places that despite it being high on all the tourist lists, it never seems to be overly busy. That alone makes it perfect for an engagement session!

Arriving at the park, and somehow instantly snagging a parking spot, we wandered the many paths while the two told me of their love story, beginning when they met while working at Rudy's barbershop and now traveling towards a wedding on Lummi Island. They told me of their adorable baby girl and their many fur babies, which they'll be adding to if Alicia gets her way!

It was such a pleasure to spend time with Alicia & Taliesyn and bask in their love for one another. I can tell their wedding in August is going to be one for the books!