An afternoon at the park with Teddy!

A few weeks ago I donated three photo sessions to an auction that Forgotten Dogs Rescue was holding. They are where my husband and I got our pup Loki from and I've been working with them in our old dog Kirby's honor. You can see my first shoot with Kelly & Moto here.

This past weekend I met up with Teddy and his parents Cassandra and Arthur at a local park. Teddy is just the sweetest boy, and he knows a LOT of tricks! We hung out at the park for a good while and just chatted and took photos of Teddy as he quite happily chewed on his stick and watched the world go by. Unless a squirrel came near and then he was very interested in that.

While Teddy was off playing I managed to sneak in a couple shots of his people too, they just got engaged and are getting married next year. It's clear they adore the heck out of Teddy and from the looks he gives them I think the feeling is mutual! There really is no better love than that from a rescue dog!