Jack Block Park Engagement Session // Michael & Brian

I’d never heard of Jack Block Park before Michael & Brian mentioned they wanted to do their engagement session there and the way they described it plus my overactive imagination had me envisioning something very industrial with lots of concrete and steel bars.

Thankfully the reality couldn’t have been further from the truth. The park is in fact an actual park with greenery and a pretty beach area and some cute little pathways dotted around. We started over in the back where the park meets the Sound and you get some amazing views of the Seattle skyline.

Then we meandered our way back through the park stopping in cute spots of light and scenery. With same sex couples I’m always worried about busy spaces because I don’t want them to feel uncomfortable if they aren’t comfortable with PDA. Michael & Brian didn’t have a problem with that and honestly it was so refreshing. They only had eyes for each other, exactly as it should be!

After a quick covert costume change at the car, we headed inland to the greener end of the park and Michael & Brian told me all about their relationship and their plans for the future.

Thank you Michael & Brian for spending the afternoon with me, I can’t wait to capture your wedding next month!