All packages include at least 6 hours of coverage, 1 photographer, an online gallery with download and print rights and an engagement session. Optional extras include a second shooter, albums or heirloom boxes with prints, adventure engagement sessions.





Elopement packages are ideal for very small weddings or weddings off the beaten path. All packages include at least 2 hours of coverage, 1 photographer and an online gallery with download and print rights.


All portrait packages come with up to an hours shoot time, an online proofing gallery and a print credit.
Digital and print packages are available, pricing sheet upon request.





1.) Do you shoot Canon or Nikon?
I find it kind of weird that I get asked this question so often, but for the record, I shoot Canon. I have a 5DMark4 and a 5DMark3 which usually have my 135 2.0 and 35 1.4 attached to them. I also have a 28 for the wide angle and a 100 Macro for the ring shot. When it gets dark, I've got flashes to illuminate everything.


2.) Do you deliver all the images you shoot? How many images do you deliver?
I deliver all the best ones, if it's not in there it's usually a blink, a burp or a blur. I aim to deliver 50-100 images per hour of coverage.


3.) Do you shoot RAW?
I do, but you won't ever see them so please don't ask. Think of the RAW files as the ingredients a chef makes your meal with.


4.) How many hours should we set aside for family photos? For a first look?
About a week or so before your wedding we'll get together, ideally at your venue, and go through a timeline of your big day where we'll go over things like this. Each wedding is unique but on average you should expect to spend about an hour for each.


5.) Do you shoot same-sex weddings?
Being a gay man myself, I am more than happy to shoot same-sex weddings. I will shoot any wedding that wants to have me and isn't harmful to others.


6.) Will you stay for my entire wedding day?
I usually show up as the bride is getting ready, usually after she's had her hair and make-up done but before the dress goes on. Nobody wants a camera in their face while they dance and have fun so I traditionally leave about an hour into the reception, assuming the first dance has occurred.

7.) Do we need to feed you?
I am always honored when clients feed me, and I'll never say no to delicious wedding food! However I always bring my own food to snack on so don't feel that you need to.

8.) I have more questions, can you answer them?
Sure, send me an email and I'll do my best to answer, just use the form below.