The stark beauty of Winter

I don't often post landscapes here (because I'm advertising my services as a wedding and portrait photographer) but I actually love to go out and shoot landscapes. There's nothing more peaceful than finding a spot, seeing it's beauty and then capturing it to preserve it forever. 

Recently I went up to Vancouver, B.C. for a family photoshoot and we decided to make a weekend of it so on the Saturday we went to Lynn Valley Suspension Bridge. It's a place I heard about when I was living in Vancouver but I never managed to make it out there so now seemed as good a time as any to explore!

It started snowing just as we were about to cross the border into Canada and it had clearly been doing so for a few days in Vancouver so the bridge itself was very slippery and I opted to just go halfway across and take some shots before heading back, it was a long way down if I slipped! 

But I managed to get some good shots and it's definitely a place I want to go back and visit again when the weather is a bit more hospitable.