An afternoon with the Sander Family - Seattle Portrait Photography

I first met Michelle just over five years ago when I moved to Vancouver. I was moving in to share a house with her best friend Jasmine just as Michelle was moving out. I think there was about a two week crossover and that’s all the time it took for me to fall in love with her infectious laugh, quick wit and devilish sense of humour. 

I left Vancouver a year later but I stayed in touch with Michelle and I was delighted a couple years later when she announced she was pregnant. When I moved to Seattle I knew I had to get up to meet the beautiful baby Elliott as soon as possible but between one thing or another I never managed to. So when Michelle asked if I could do some family photos for her I of course said yes, yes, yes!

My husband and I drove up on the Saturday and spent the day exploring my old haunts in Vancouver before on Sunday meeting up with Michelle and her family. Michelle chose the Campbell Valley State Park for our shoot and I’m glad I let her choose because she definitely has an eye for a good location! There were fields, forests, bridges, ponds, it was a photographers dream!

After being introduced to the adorable Elliott as well as Michelle’s Mom, Sister and her boyfriend, and her Brother we headed into the park to explore. The next two hours were great fun full of a happy, laughing family that clearly has a close bond. We did some posed photos in a couple locations but honestly my favourite thing was just walking around the park with them listening to the banter flowing between them and the laughter ringing out. 

One of the funniest parts happened when we rounded a corner in the forest and came across….llamas. Five llamas were out for a walk with their handlers, in the middle of a state park. Not every day you see that!

All in all it was a great couple hours spent with this family, such warm and genuine people. Check out the images below and if you’d like to book in your own family for some time in front of the camera, be sure to head over to the Contact page.