Keiley & Patrick's beautiful outdoor wedding in Arlington // Seattle Wedding Photography

Keiley & Patrick’s wedding day was beautiful from beginning to end. Held in the countryside just south of Arlington at a family home it was an all outdoor wedding that was reliant on good weather, thankfully Mother Nature came through!

While getting ready Keiley was constantly barraged by loved ones wishing her well, I knew right away that this was a close knit family. Her friends did her hair and makeup and they did a great job. Keiley is already a beautiful girl so they didn’t do anything too overbearing and let her natural beauty shine through. For her hair she emphasized her love of the outdoors by adding wildflowers throughout it.

Once they were both dressed to the nines it was time for the First Look. Back in Scotland this isn’t a thing but since moving here I have come to adore them. When the bride and groom go off by themselves it gives them some breathing room that they won’t get for the rest of the day. More so though I love seeing the reaction of the Groom to seeing his Bride for the first time. I took Patrick out into the garden and we waited for Keiley to come out and when he saw her, it was definitely love at first sight. And why wouldn’t it be? Keiley looked stunning in her Grandmother’s wedding dress. 

Once Keiley and Patrick had seen each other, it was time to greet the rest of the family for some group shots. Though it was an intimate wedding there was still a lot of people there, and a lot of love. Smiles abounded and you could tell everyone was so happy for the happy couple. 

Then it was time for the main event: the ceremony. Keiley and Patrick chose a hilltop near the house for the location of their ceremony. This meant a bit of a walk to get there but they also had a trailer on hand. For those choosing to walk it was a beautiful winding walk through a field and it was a nice day for it. Keiley however chose to ride up in style, on the tractor with her Dad. How awesome is that?

Once at the top the ceremony began with Keiley being walked down the aisle by Dad. Brother Dain then led the ceremony which contained beautiful readings from both Mom’s and Keiley’s Grandmother as well as some words of welcome from the couple themselves. After that it was just the small matter of “I do” and Dain was evidently happy to pronounce them Husband and Wife. 

After the ceremony most of the guests chose to walk back down behind the Bride and Groom. At the end of the winding path the Bride and Groom waited for their receiving line. There was a lot of happiness here, a lot of congratulations and a lot of BIG hugs. 

Once everyone was back down and had congratulated the bride and groom, it was time to eat! After a delicious meal when you’d think everyone was stuffed, but cake appeared and suddenly everyone was hungry again! The cake was a beautiful carrot cake handmade by one of the guests. Once the bride and groom had cut it (and smooshed it on each other’s faces) it was taken away to an entire table of delicious looking desserts. 

While everyone was having their cake and eating it, Keiley and Patrick opened the floor to anyone who wanted to say a few words, and there were a few. Everyone expressed how beautiful and perfect the day was, how utterly in love Patrick and Keiley are and wished them a long and happy marriage. 

Once everyone had said their piece, it was time for some dancing. Keiley and Patrick’s first dance was to Randy Travis’ Forever and Ever, Amen. I’d never heard the song before but listening to the lyrics I could see why they’d chosen it. 

“As sure as I live, this love that I give, is going to be yours until the day that I die.”

If you have Spotify, you can listen to the song here.

After Keiley & Patrick had finished, Keiley took her Dad onto the floor for a Father/Daughter dance and then the two Mom’s got a dance with their kids. 

After a few dances I grabbed Keiley and Patrick and took them into the meadow to get some shots as the sun went down behind the trees. The light was just magical and it gave them a couple minutes to breathe after a long and busy day. 

I had the best time capturing Keiley & Patrick’s wedding for them, it was such a beautiful day and I can tell these two are going to have a great marriage.

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