Day Trip to the Peninsula

On Saturday I had to go to Sequim to go over some last minute details for Lauren & Paul's wedding this coming weekend and so I decided to make a day of it and return to a couple places I haven't been in almost a decade: Hurricane Ridge & Dungeness Spit.

On my second summer trip to Seattle in 2007, the year I first picked up a camera, my husband and I took a day trip over to the Peninsula. I'd never been so it was quite the adventure. First up we went to Hurricane Ridge and then we went to Dungeness Spit and then a crab shack for dinner. 

Since I was going over anyway I decided I would revisit them so after saying goodbye to Lauren & Paul after our meeting I headed over to Port Angeles and then up into the road to Hurricane Ridge. When I left Port Angeles it was sunny but not a mile into the road up to the Ridge it started pouring raining. Five miles into the road I came to a Road Closed barrier and had to turn around. By the time I got back down to Port Angeles it was sunny again. Very strange experience. 

Dungeness Spit was exactly as I remembered it and the weather was just perfect. One day I will walk all the way out to the Lighthouse.