Forgotten Dogs - June 3rd event

One of the ways I like to honor my pup that passed away last year is to help out with a local rescue called Forgotten Dogs Rescue. They specialize in adopting dogs that often linger at shelters and are at risk of euthanasia so they pull them and put them in foster homes and find them forever homes. They do great work, and every few weeks they hold adoption events at Petco Interbay so last weekend I headed along to take some photos of their adoptable pups, read more about them below!


Nancy is a deaf Bull Terrier whose previous owner unfortunately couldn't keep her, and asked us to help find her an amazing home. She is now in one of our foster homes and is looking for a forever home. She was born in December 2014 and weighs about 50 pounds. 

Nancy's previous owner trained her with hand signals, and her current foster home is continuing that training. Her adopter also needs to be willing to make the commitment to working with a deaf dog. Nancy is food motivated and very smart, so training has been a breeze with her. 
Nancy is great with the other dogs in her foster home, and has done well meeting other dogs with an introduction. She loves hanging in the sun with her foster siblings and going on walks around green lake. She's great on a leash and pays no attention to dogs that pass by. 

Nancy is a very curious girl and is constantly cruising her foster home looking for "treasures". We were told by her previous owner that she has a penchant for swallowing large objects that she finds, including rocks and childrens toys, and has had to have three surgeries in the past to remove items that she swallowed. Her adopter will need to be diligent in making sure there aren't objects laying around for Nancy to try and make a meal of. Bull terriers are notoriously overly curious, and Nancy certainly fits that description! 

Nancy is an affectionate girl who wants nothing more than people to love her. 


Meet Lulu! Lulu is a beautiful, smart, sweet, curious, affectionate, and confident pit bull. We estimate she was born around the beginning of 2014 and she weighs about 55 pounds. Lulu was originally rescued over a year ago from a life in squalor by an eastern Washington rescue. After she had been in their care for over a year without finding her forever home, they asked Forgotten Dogs if we could help. After hearing about Lulu and meeting her ourselves, we could see she was an absolutely wonderful dog and likely wouldn’t have a problem finding a home in the much more pitbull-friendly Seattle area. She has been with our rescue since April and is doing very well, and she’s ready to finally find her forever home!

Lulu loves to sit close and put a paw on your foot as you pet her, or she will put her head in your lap to remind you that she is cute and deserves some attention. If you sit on the floor with her, she will flop down in your lap for her scratches. Lulu makes an adorable piggy sound when she’s happy or excited. She is very calm and focused – she doesn’t seem to mind when her doggie foster brother repeatedly smacks her in the face with his tail. Lulu will always sit when it’s time to put the harness on to go for a walk.

Lulu is very smart and eager to please, which makes training with her a breeze! She knows sit, down, stay, bed, leave it, and heel, and will surely learn anything you try to teach her! Being so smart, Lulu will also try to push boundaries at times (she's also a bit strong willed!) to see what she can get away with, so being firm and consistent is important with her. If she thinks she can get away with something, she'll try it a few times, but is extremely quick to learn what is and is not allowed. 

She has lived with other dogs of all sizes in past foster homes and has gotten along well with them. Lulu can get a bit excited and overwhelming when she starts playing with other dogs sometimes, so she needs to be managed when playing with another dog. She does very well with mellow dogs (if they don't engage in play she just ignores them), and Lulu and her foster brother snuggle on a single dog bed regularly, though there are two beds to choose from. She is non-reactive when seeing other dogs out in public and when on walks. In fact, Lulu is pretty much the perfect dog out in public places! Lulu would do best in a home without cats or other small non-canine animals.

Lulu is wonderful with people and has never met a person she doesn't love. She is good with kids, although might knock little ones over by accident. 

One of the main reasons Lulu didn’t find a home with her original rescue is that she has a reputation for being a 6-foot fence jumper, even when her people are standing right there. If she goes to a home with a fenced yard, she will need to be on a tether (leash or tie-out that is well secured) when she is outside, under supervision of course. She would also be fine going to a home without a yard, provided she gets daily on-leash exercise. She does well with one walk a day but would also likely be a good running buddy.

Are you looking for a sweet, lovable, and affectionate dog to add to your family? Lulu could be for you!


Meet Pepper, a very playful and spunky pitbull mix! She was born in February 2016, is approximately 45-50 pounds, and still has the puppy spirit! She spent the first 8 months of her life in a home with a family who did not have much time for her, where she spent a lot of time in a crate by herself and wasn't worked with at all. She is now in a foster home where she is to learning the basics of training and good behavior. She is super friendly with people and LOVES everybody she meets. 

Pepper would be the perfect dog for an active person who wants an outgoing and friendly companion. Whether a walk around the neighborhood, a hike, or trip to the beach, she'd love to join you on all of your adventures! She is also wonderful in the car and is always up for a road trip!
Pepper didn't receive any early socialization with other dogs, so doesn't always understand "proper dog etiquette". She LOVES to play, but does best with patient, laid back, yet still somewhat playful other dogs who won't be overwhelmed by her exuberance. 

Are you looking for a happy-go-lucky dog who greets every day with a smile? Pepper could be for you!


Rusty was adopted from us in October 2015 but unfortunately recently in his new home their older dog became less than tolerant of Rusty, so his adopters made the extremely difficult decision to return him to us. Forgotten Dogs will always take our dogs back, so we immediately arranged for him to move back to one of our foster homes. He’s doing wonderfully in his foster and is ready to find a new home.

We originally rescued Rusty from the Yakima Humane Society in December 2013. We estimate he was born in 2011, weighs 60 pounds when at an ideal weight, and we think he's likely a Chesapeake Bay Retriever mix. He was labeled as a pit bull at the shelter, and while he could have some pittie in him, he appears to be more Chessie, or possibly a mix of many other breeds! Anyone's guess is as good as ours! 

Rusty is a sweet and affectionate dog that would do best with someone who can give him all the love he desires but also help him build his confidence. Rusty at times gets nervous and does best with a calm confident handler that can assure him of himself. He gets along well with other dogs with a proper introduction, and is currently being fostered with numerous other dogs. Rusty would do best in a lower energy environment, and we recommend a home with no small animals or kids. 


Look at Banner, what a guy! Cutie pie Banner caught our eye in early May at the Yakima Humane Society and we decided we couldn’t resist his cute face and took him in as a Forgotten Dogs recruit. Banner was in the shelter for two months and no one could figure out why!? All the shelter volunteers loved him because he is such a sweet boy and they all loved getting to take him out for walks.

At first, we weren’t sure what breed he might be but after some research, he is likely an Anatolian Shepherd. He certainly has the features of an Anatolian although his smaller size for his age suggests he may be mixed with another breed. We do know he is a beautiful bear! We estimate that Banner was born around June of 2016 and he weighs about 50 pounds. 

Banner is the definition of a little brother to his older foster brother; Banner follows him everywhere, teases him with his stuffed animal and nips at his tail and toes - all in an effort to get him to play. Chasing and being chased is his favorite thing! As playful as he is, Banner is calm for his age. He is gentle and affectionate, and good with other dogs and with children. He is potty trained, walks well on a leash and is learning basic commands.

True to his breed, Banner is quick to learn and is loyal, but can have some guarding tendencies in terms of his family and home. He will need to continue to be socialized and trained. Preferably, his adopter will have some experience with Anatolians or other guardian breeds. 

Not only were there adoptable dogs there but a couple alumni came by including one pup, Viggo, who just went to his furever home that same day!