Everett Courthouse Elopement // Gina & Ross

It was a cold and blustery day when I stepped out of Narrative Coffee to go meet Gina & Ross. We had planned to meet up outside the Courthouse in downtown Everett an hour before their appointment with the Judge. The plan was to do some outdoor portraits of the couple before we headed inside. That was the plan, but the reality was it was freezing cold, 30 degrees to be exact, and what little warmth the sun had brought that day was receding fast. Would they still be up for it?

Turned out they absolutely were! Gina in particular was an absolute trooper and probably risked hypothermia but the results were definitely worth it I think. Thankfully the Courthouse had some pretty spots dotted around just outside the building so we didn't have to go too far. Once we had done the portraits, and were all losing feeling in our extremities, we headed inside for the service. 

Joined by Ross' brother, his wife and two kids, we headed to Courthouse Four to meet with the Judge. The service was short but due to the couples choice to write their own vows, beautiful and filled with more than a few tears. Concluded with a passionate kiss, they were husband and wife and off to party late into the night with their nearest and dearest. 

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