Lummi Island Wedding // Ally & Talyn

Anyone who knows me knows I don’t do well on small boats, I get seasick like nobodies business. SO when I got to the ferry terminal to get the ferry to Lummi Island for Ally & Talyn’s wedding day, I just about died. The ferry holds a total of 20 cars and they are packed on it like sardines to the point where you can’t get out of your car. Thankfully the ride is only about 10 minutes.

But also it was totally worth it because Ally & Talyn’s wedding day was GORGEOUS. Set on the beautiful island just off the mainland outside Seattle, in a community venue right on the waterfront, Ally & Talyn invited only their nearest and dearest for the day so it was a very small and intimate affair.

The wedding day started with a first look for Talyn & Ally, they had spent the night before having a joint party with their wedding parties but then split off before midnight and hadn’t seen each others wedding outfits either.

Ally was wearing a burgundy and black suit while Talyn was wearing a black wedding gown. Yes, a black wedding gown and she rocked it. After they had seen each other they exchanged gifts and letters and more than a few tears were shed.

We did some couples portraits and then called over the wedding parties who were dying to see them. I could tell from the way they all rushed over that these were some fiercely loyal friends and through talking to them all I could tell that they were. Chosen family indeed.

After a quick round of family photos it was time for the wedding ceremony! The couple and their parties stood on the beach under a driftwood arch while their guests watched over them from a nearby grassy knoll. Best man Jose officiated and he did a great job for his first time!

Once “I do’s” were said it was time to get the party started! While drinks & finger foods were had a live band serenaded songs from days gone by. Dinner was community style at long benches and everyone was chatting away, it was really quite beautiful.

For a wedding cake, Talyn & Ally enlisted bridesmaid Alison and boy did she come through! This cake was stunning both inside and out, much like the brides themselves! More than one person went back for a second slice to ensure none went to waste.

Once the food had settled the couple gathered for their first dance to Morning Light by Alicia Keys & Justin Timberlake. The sweetest thing about their dance was that I looked over to the sidelines and there was Talyn’s dad gazing at them as tears rolled down his cheeks. I have never seen such a fierce look of love at a wedding before, it nearly brought me to tears just witnessing it.

After the dance I grabbed the girls and we headed off to do some sunset photos on the dock. Thanks to the smoke from the wildfires there wasn’t much of a sunset but I don’t think they noticed, they only had eyes for each other.

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