The Wehners are on fire! Seattle Family Photography

This past weekend I drove down to the Renton Fire Station to meet Megan and her family. Why did we meet at a fire station I hear you ask? Megan's Dad Shawn is the fire chief there and is retiring next month after THIRTY years of service! So aside from family photos, Shawn wanted to get some photos with his buddies who have been his family away from family for many years. 

We started with some family photos, there were three individual family units and honestly I think they had a wager going to see who could be the most adorable in front of the camera. Not only were they all incredibly comfortable in front of the lens, but the love they all held for each other was evidently on display. 

Once the rest of the firefighters had shown up we walked over to the fire truck and did some photos. It was obvious that Shawn was incredibly proud to have served with these guys all this time and more than once his emotion nearly bubbled over. But he held it together and when we were doing individual portraits with each of his friends he had a kind word to say to each one. 

This was truly such an amazing event to capture, thank you Shawn for your service and I hope you get to relax and enjoy retirement now!