Top things of February

How are we in March already? I feel like this year is racing by. However at the same time it seems like Spring will NEVER ARRIVE in Seattle. According to Komo News we've only had 3 mild, sunny days since October. That does not do good things to a person's mood! But DST will kick in soon and then at least we'll be able to see the rain for longer each evening. WIN.

Things I bought...
 -my new, most favourite lens my Canon 135mm f/2.0. It's amazing. It focuses lightning quick and it's sharp as a tack.
- two of the DFTBA refugee posters which look great but I have neglected to frame yet because our local IKEA is a hellmouth of refurbishment right now.

Things I watched...
-The Superbowl, which omg how did you lose that you silly men? You were up by SO MANY POINTS.
-The Girl With All The Gifts, I really enjoyed the book and I think the movie did it justice. It seemed to have a really low key release in the US which made me a bit sad. 
-The Expanse returned for it's second season and it's better than ever.
- A second Xbox One for our basement because I've been playing it more often now.

Things I read...
-The Alchemy Wars trilogy, I think I started this in January but I finished it in February and I loved them all.
-Paper Girls, my new favorite comic book series and one I happily subscribed to.
-Descender, my other new favorite comic book series

Things I played...
-I finally got around to finishing Dead Rising 4, which was odd to do in February while there was Christmas music playing throughout the game.
-Resident Evil 7, which was scary as heck so I didn't play much of it but I enjoyed what I played.
-Horizon: Zero Dawn, metal dinosaurs, a beautiful sprawling open world and a kick ass female lead. What more can you ask for?

Things I listened to...
-Amy MacDonald - Under Stars - Amy MacDonald is one of my favourite musicians and her last album was released in 2012 so it was nice for another one to finally come out, it's pretty good too!
-Tyler Oakley's Psychobabble - It's my guilty pleasure, don't hate on me.
-Scott Helman's 21 Days - I love this kid, can't wait for his full album in May!

Favourite thing I shot...

Check back next month for March!