Top things of April

April was a pretty quiet month to start but it ramped up at the end with a wedding and then my neighbours twins birthday weekend festivities. I also went to the Peninsula by myself for a fun day trip!

Things I bought
Galaxy S8 - I finally jumped ship from iPhone to Android for a phone that was worth it. Have you seen this thing? It's beautiful!
New camera bag - Now that I'm rocking two cameras and many lenses I reliazed I needed a bigger bag so I bought an AmazonBasics bag, it's big and spacious and has a pocket for my laptop which is nice.

Things I watched
DC's Legends of Tomorrow - This show definitely hit it's stride in it's second season and fully embraced a campy, fun nature compared to Arrow and The Flash.
Doctor Who - Finally back for a new season and with a new companion who is definitely better than the last!

Things I read
American Gods - With the new Starz series coming out I figured I should reread this. I read it once years ago but I have no memory what it's about! I'm about halfway through it.
The Final Day - The final part of the trilogy I started last month, I'm about halfway through this too.
Sleeping Giants - Weirdly I'm halfway through this too, apparently I had no attention span in April.

Things I played
Halo 5: Guardians - Not much has come out recently so I'm going back to play this one again to remember the story for when they inevitably announced Halo 6 during E3 next month.

Things I listened to
Bastille - we went to see them live on April 26 so I spent a good chunk of the month listening to their albums. They were really good live too!
S-Town - I'm still not sure how I feel about this podcast after listening to it all. I feel sad for the guy but it also feels like it was self inflicted?