Best of 2016: Personal

I had a great year professionally in 2016, in my personal life there were some really real highs and some terrible lows. The year started on the East Coast finishing up a fantastic visit to my husbands family. I always enjoy my time with them, I wish we could visit more often. In February we took a trip with some close friends up to Victoria, B.C. which is where we got married so it's always great to visit. Even though the weather wasn't great we had a fantastic time.

March saw me attend an "Open Photo Shoot" inside an abandoned seminary. It was a fun experience but I don't think I ever need to go in a seminary ever again! The beginning of April saw us visiting Skagit Valley for the Tulip festival which was beautiful, I never knew there were so many varieties in color! The end of April saw our neighbors welcome their beautiful twins into the world and while they were still in the hospital we went away with the proud parents for a weekend on the Peninsula. What's the point of having one of the best set of babysitters in the country if you don't take advantage?

May saw me take on my studio which I enjoyed but soon discovered didn't really fit my style, we also met Jackson and his friend Sean. Jackson is someone my husband and I have known online for years and years but never met in person until now so it was great to finally meet. June saw the husband and I celebrating four years married for which I took him on a date day around Seattle visiting old haunts and trying new things too. July saw us travelling back to the UK for my Dad and Stepmum's wedding and visiting family for almost two weeks. Definitely the highlight of the year.

September saw me travel to Chicago for a wedding and then in October I surprised the husband with a birthday party that I spoiled the surprise for the day before by leaving something on the counter, oops! 

November saw us welcome a new member to our family. We adopted a rescue named Kirby who was part pitbull/part boxer and completely adorable. I quickly fell in love with him, he had the most laid back temperament and was perfectly content to snuggle on the sofa with us. Unfortunately a few days before the end of the year he scaled our six foot fence in an effort to see a dog on the other side of the road, and was struck by a car. We were both absolutely devastated and I went to a really dark place but I knew he wouldn't want that so I resolved to make my mantra for 2017 "Be the person your dog thinks you are" and in his honor I will be doing a giveaway soon. 

What will 2017 bring? Find out here in one year!