Happy Birthday Loki! // Seattle Wedding Photography

This is only the second time in my life that I've had a dog younger than a year old. I've grown up with dogs my whole life but we've always adopted from the 1+ range or else they've been that old when they came into my life. The last time I had a puppy was when we adopted our family dog Max at 10 weeks old in 2009. 

So having a puppy again has been....interesting. Thankfully it's been a mostly positive experience with Loki because he's such a relaxed dog so we haven't had to break any behaviours out of him. He was mostly potty trained when he came to us and aside from the occassional accident when we don't let him out in time, he's been pretty good. 

That being said I'm happy he's turning one and entering adulthood! I'm excited to explore more of Washington with him on hikes and take him camping at some point over the summer. I'm excited to see him grow into his personality and meet more dogs to be friends with. 

Happy buirthday buyddy, here's to many more!